Thursday, October 1, 2015

Airport Dreams and Visions

So this morning I had another one of those "aha" dreams that I believe the Lord was teaching me something I personally needed to learn...and quick. Not scripture or prophecy, but something I needed to know for my benefit. It was so vivid like the dreams I had before I messed up my hands because I didn't heed what the dream was trying to tell me.
So I got to the airport and opened up the back of my car. In the back was two duffle bags for clothes, a large computer box, my toolbox for work, and my guitar. I started carrying these things to the airport while kicking the box across the ground or going a few feet with some things and leaving others behind to retrieve them in a minute.As soon as I get in the doors of the airport I hear the song, Day One by Matthew West over the speakers and goes on throughout the dream in different forms (regular, elevator music with no words, one even was in a country beat). It was a complete struggle to get to security with all my stuff. 
I finally get to security. At this point other passengers are laughing and looking at me like I'm an idiot, wagging their heads, pointing, and not helping me. The security officer asks for my ticket and drivers license which it takes me a while to find and asks me where my destination is. I don't really know where I am going, and I find the ticket which the woman TSA agent stamps and tells me the gate. All the while, the other passengers in line are getting angry and verbally letting me know, but not helping me in any way. As I'm putting my stuff on the conveyor security starts searching my bags. In the large box I had a computer nice and neat, my guitar was there in its case. As for my clothes bags one had electronic boards and parts while the other one was completely empty but was heavy for some reason.
I finally get through security. As I can see the gate from a distance the doors are closing. I try to leave my bags when a police officer yells at me that I can't leave my bags unattended. My toolbox handle breaks and tools fall out. I try to hurry but when I get to the gate I can see the plane taxiing away. At that moment I am leaning on the glass watching the plane backing away when a Skycap is standing next to me with a large cart while looking out at the plane says, "If you would have just asked for my help you could have at least made your plane."
 Now, what was revealed to me in all of this?

  1. The computer box showed that my job was neat and things in its place but was weighing me down, was bulky, and the largest burden in my life. 
  2. The guitar, my Gibson Les Paul. There was no reason why the guitar should have been there at all. It is large, and not the easiest thing to carry. The case resembles a coffin in some ways. But the meaning here was that I had things in my life that didn't need to be there. 
  3. The electronic boards from work in my clothes bag. This clearly resembled my work getting in the way of my personal life. 
  4. Not wearing a shirt, (and I think I was barefoot too) means that I was struggling to make ends meet and my finances are not in order. 
  5. The empty clothes bag represents my personal life being empty, but was a heavy burden to carry. 
  6. People laughing at me, pointing fingers, getting angry and not helping. This is how the world sees me. They see the chaos in my life and can't help but be critical.
  7. My plane ticket. Represented that I have a destination, but I personally don't know where that is. As we go through life we really don't know where we are going. But, someone issued the ticket [God] and He knows where I need to be. Like Abram in Genesis. All he knew through life is that God told him to go different places and do different things but never knowing why. 
  8. The song Day One by Matthew West playing in the background. I don't really know how that fits yet, being that I really can't remember the whole song. But one of the lines is, "This is day one of the rest of your life." Maybe its that I need to recommit my priorities now before it's too late. 
  9. The Skycap and cart. These, the major point of the lesson, represented the power of the Holy Spirit in my life. I am saved, and do have the Holy Spirit (which the Skycap is available to help) but never ask for Him. If I would have asked the Skycap for help, I would have made the destination with ease. My life still needs work (no shirt or shoes, my work in my personal life) but my burdens would have been light (Matthew 11:28-30). 
So, as you can see, this dream was pretty vivid, and in my experience with my other dream when I did not heed the warnings it ended in disaster, not once...but twice. What do I do with this? Where do I begin. I know one thing, I start with the Holy Spirit and ask of Him for help and guidance. The other things are secondary. I welcome any comments you may have. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Horse Story

This amazing piece was sent in by one of my readers. 
"I had this experience yesterday and your rat blog inspired me to write it down. 

While I have worked with or around various animals, the horse has always seemed uniquely special.  Yesterday, as I was getting ready to ride, I paused as I stood next to one whose back I couldn’t even see over.  I stopped, lay my hand on his smooth side, and breathed in the stillness.  Peace washed over me as a spring rain clears away fall’s dead leaves.  I gently pushed on him and he respectfully stepped away from me.  He towers over me, could kill me if he wanted to, and yet was a mountain that moved quietly away from me.  His eye turned to mine with the long lashes slowly blinking and with just a look, asked what else I wanted.  Remembering time, I resumed grooming him, saddled, and rode away from the barn. 
We’ve been together six months now.  When we first started, there were lots of disagreements about which direction to go, how fast to go, when to go home, and his back must have been sore as I was returning to riding and had lost all my muscle tone from years previous.  But today we were a new creature together.  I sat atop and yet flowed with his every movement and motion.  We had no arguments and enjoyed the journey together.  Somewhere around the curve of the river, I realized through layers of cloth and leather that I was feeling his every muscle contract and expand and could tell exactly what his footfalls were.  No sight, simply feeling, and yet more than feeling because I could tell what the next move would be and we made it together.  I was thunderstruck with the spirituality of the moment: to be two and yet work as one to the joy of each.
In that heartbeat, I knew that’s how it can be with God.  He in us and we in Him.  The horse and I place trust in each other, get out on the trail, and through time and trials, connect with each other.  An experience is born that neither of us could have without the other.  I place my trust in God and in turn He entrusts Himself in me.  He is glorified and I receive a fullness I never could have otherwise.  The longer the horse and I work together, the more responsive to each other we become.  He obeys my direction on the faintest of cues and I no longer jar against his movement.  How the horse and I combined reflect what the Father wants to do with me!  To get on His narrow path no matter how hot or exhausting the day, to yield to His directions, to no longer chaff against the propelling forward is to arrive at destinations I never would have otherwise and see the wonders of His nature I never would have otherwise.
When horse and man unite it is an experience that can only be understood by those who have likewise done so.  When God and man unite it is also only an experience that can be understood only by those who have done so.  But the sacred scrolls are full of the histories of those who gone before us and they are waving us forward, even warning us to get up and go.  May I read the warnings are change course and may I hear the encouragements and charge forward."