Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Recap Of The Des Moines St. Patrick's Day Outreach 2016

You can find the recap HERE on our Iowa Seed Sowers Website. Consider joining our Iowa Seed Sower page also for more of our evangelistic outings, events, and news. Thanks...Frank.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

IMA SNERT 2day!!!

 Well, today, March 2, 2016 I turned 13 years old in the Lord. What does that mean? It means I think I know what I'm talking about but in reality...I don't know Jack. I though don't believe that I know everything. I mean I'm quite humble and realize that there is alot that I don't know. I have alot of growing up to do. But like teenagers, even though I say that, and I'm looking at the words being typed on the screen, I can't help but realize I'm self-deluded. Because the next few thoughts I have in the tiny bowl of spaghetti brain of mine says to me, "Well...but look how far you've come?" Ha...hahahaha...haha...ha.

Ever since I've lost my job I feel as though the Lord has finally got my attention. For a man in particular, nothing makes him more humble than to lose his job. Plus, to put icing on the cake is the realization that you've stagnated the past 14 years while everyone else innovated. But the Holy Spirit, like a parent, is always there to comfort us, correct us, and put His arm around us and say, "Now that you've done it your way, lets try this..." What do I do? Fight, kick, cuss, complain, argue, until that moment where I know I'm beaten and I throw my hands up and cry out, "I HATE MY LIFE!!!" and run to my room. And my deluded brain of mine still says, "Well I listen to the Lord, but He's not saying much." Truth is, He's saying alot...I'm just not listening. Because like a teenager I have alot of things in my life that are distracting.

With this new year ahead lies challenges, failures, and disappointment because let's face it...teenagers are drama queens too. Life is going to suck. But it doesn't have to. The Lord wants me to succeed in everything I do. I need to be more optimistic, enthusiastic, and confident. Not just feel it, but show it (if you know me I get excited like E'ore from Whinny the Pooh).